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Познавательная страничка  |  Seven rules for dealing with roommates.

The alarm clock wakes you up 10 minutes before class, you stumble to the bathroom, and the door is locked. You can hear your roommate"s girlfriend doing her best Madonna impersonation while soaking in all the hot water. With a bad taste in your mouth from not brushing your teeth, you begin to plot your revenge.

One of the hardest parts about college is learning how to deal with roommates and their significant others.

But for every problem there is a solution.

In reality, the addition of a roommate"s boyfriend or girlfriend into your life doesn"t have to be that bad. All you have to do is follow these seven commandments.

>   Thou shalt not scheme on a roommate"s boyfriend or girlfriend.

The goal is to get along with that unexpected extra roommate and not to get into bed with them. If you take off your blindfold, you will soon notice that campus is overly populated with people of the opposite sex. Surely in that sea of bodies, you can find a less psychotic relationship.

>   Thou shalt not close the lines of communication.

Regardless of two is to blame for the current lack of an official telepathic language, we still need to communicate with people. This includes roommates and their significant others. As it stands right now, we can only hope to improve situations that annoy us by verbally voicing what troubles us.

>   Respect thy roommate"s right to become obsessed with whomever he/she pleases.

Everyone has different a taste. If your roommate wants to date the anti-Christ, that"s his/her choise.

>   Thou shalt practise the art form of acceptance.

Nothing you do or say will make your roommate introduce himself to a bottle of Rogaine for his balding head, except his desire to do such.. Yes, acceptance is useful.

>   Thou shalt not talk trash about thine roommate or thine roommate"s significant other behind their backs.

Hello, and welcome to the planet Earth. If you have something to say about someone, keep it between you and that person. The quickest way to make a bad situation worse is to drag other people into it.

>   Thou shalt not steal your roommate"s laundry and throw it into the Dumpster.

Revenge is a dish best served cold. The only thing better than that is not serving it at all.

Time heals all wounds. I wish I could think of another cliche" here, but the point is: Don"t waste time trying to find ways to get back at your roommate.

>   Thou shalt remember that the possibility of getting a new roommate is always there.

OK, this should definitely be served as a last resort, but keep in mind that nomadic life is also part of college.

After all, the longest you will be forced to live with your roommate is a year.

After that, you can move in with someone else whom you will soon hate.

Note: Unlike the real commandments, these are not written in stone. In life, people and situations are unique. Just do what it takes to create a happy home.

We thank Aistov A.V. for materials


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